Tuesday, May 29, 2012

And The Award Goes To...

'Tis the season for awards ceremonies, parties and the like.  

What did we do during all these exciting events before smart phones?

This was followed by a mind-numbing scintillating hour of poetry reading in her classroom.  

Once again, I give you evidence of why I should be your next mother of the year.  

Hey, I'm at every single event.  And in charge of half of them.  But it doesn't mean I always like it.

A mother's dirty little secret. 

Shhh!! Don't tell the kids.


Lori said...

I remember it well! I'd say you turned out OK. Pretty sure your kids will too ;) Hang in there!! And a big fat HOORAY for summer!!!!!

Casey said...

Very funny! This reminds me of our family discussion a couple of weeks ago when we were talking to the kids about getting ready for finals and such. Rob says to the kids, "Look guys, the fact is, we are not smart people. If we want to do well in life, we have to be hard workers because we just are not naturally smart people." Yikes! Sad but true. I really couldn't argue with that...