Friday, June 8, 2012

The Exodus

Getting out of Dodge is always such a crazy experience.  The last week of school included multiple awards ceremonies, an end of school party I was in charge of, seminary graduation, packing, teacher gifts, and Grace's dance recital and dress rehearsal.  See what I mean?  Crazy.

All this crazy resulted in my forgetting to finish an assignment I had from my bishop, and showing up at the dance recital with a 14 year-old in bare feet.  Yeah, we're awesome.

Anyway, we're now in Logan and it is 36 degrees outside.  For REAL!  The high temp our first two days was in the 50's.  And rainy.  We're not in Texas anymore.

Of course, it isn't too big a hardship to be cold.  We lit a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed the humidity-free air.  I planted my flowers and weeded yesterday and we're all settling in nicely.

Jane's in art club and tennis club with her cousin, Ben, and Grace and Lora are palling around and playing from the moment chores are done until there isn't light left. Ethan shows his face over here only when he needs something, which is rarely.  He's always off on an adventure with Grandpa.  Derick is charming the socks off everyone with his flirtations.

But it's not all fun and games for everyone.  The other day, Grace asked me if Dad had to work all summer or if he gets it off like us.  I told her he did have to work.  Her response was classic, "UGH!! Don't we have enough money!?"  Ah, if only life were that simple and we could just play and live off the fat of the land.  Alas, I think once we stopped buying food and shelter, she might acknowledge that money does have its place...

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Lori said...

hahahaaaa....For real...Don't we have enough money already.?? You need to write that down for her. She will appreciate the irony one day. I do love the cooler (drier) weather of the Utah/Idaho area. I won't be to Idaho until July this year. Enjoy your trip!!!