Friday, May 25, 2012

Welcome to My NEW Home!

Hi friends!  This is the new spot for raving (and the occasional rant!).  Please bookmark this new address and add it to your readers.

May is always insane!!!

In addition to getting this up off the ground, planning end of the year gifts and parties, this last week I:

Monday: Had my first colonoscopy.  Don't recommend.  Felt like crap all day and Greg was out of town. That didn't stop me from having to do laundry and clean the house and feed small children (thank you pizza guy!).  Grace chose to be insane during Family Home Evening which resulted in an epic tantrum and Derick throwing the Swiffer at her head.  The big vacuum Swiffer.  It was awesome (and I use that term with all the sarcasm I can afford).

Tuesday:  Taught Seminary.  The kids were so dead, I ended class 20 min early. That was a first. The church came back to video me again.  Yes a fourth time. I am very over-exposed and I am pretty sure INCREDIBLY old news, but there it is.  It was an all day thing, which was fun but also incredibly exhausting.  When I mentioned that to one of my seminary kids, he said, "Try going to high school."  He wins.  I did sound like a bit of a brat.  "Oh, sitting in front of a camera for 4 hours is SOOO hard!" Stayed up till midnight trying to get my seminary slideshow to work.  A nightmare. Pretty much.

Wednesday:  Last day of seminary. Got up at 4:30 to finish slideshow. It worked in the end and was super fun to relive the last year. We had breakfast and goodbyes.  I miss them already.  Had my last day of volunteering at the hospital until next fall.  So love holding sweet babies.  That aren't mine.  It's awesome (no sarcasm). Wednesdays are so crazy with piano, dance and church, but we had the night off from one, so it was only sort of crazy.

Thursday:  Went to the temple with Katri and lunch.  That was a super fun day and I haven't had much time to myself these days, so I was all over it.  Greg came home that night. Very happy bunch of people in this house. 

Friday:  Jane's Field Day.  So fun and hot.  It's already in the 90s.  It was interesting to observe the 6th graders at the end of the year.  There are still some who are very young and some who are 12 going on 20.  Jane is without guile and I am so grateful for that.  She is just so sweet. Next year is 7th grade and I'm pretty sure everything changes. Or so I hear. 

These are some pictures of last week's boat regatta, where Jane and her team built an amazing boat from cardboard and duct tape. 

Speaking of 7th Grade: my mom finished her last week of teaching 7th graders forever!!  27 years of teaching, baby.  HAPPY RETIREMENT, MOM!!!  I'm soooooooo proud of you and so excited for you.
Also in 7th grade news:  Last week, the boys had their awards ceremony at school.  They did it during the 7th grade assembly.  When they honored the life skills kids, the gym went WILD!!!!!  When Derick walked up to get his medal, the kids stomped their feet so hard, it was thunder.  Had to fight back the tears.  Gave me hope for the future of America.  Especially since I had just caught a glimpse of some girl's panties because her skirt was so short.  Ah, me.

Ok, there's my first official blog post at the new home of "The Ravings", 39 Rochelle FM.


Biffy said...

I miss you! Love the new format (loved the old as well). I especially love how a colonoscopy was just a nuisance in your week. Ha!

Camille said...

Consider me 1 of the 10! I'm just happy it will be easier for me to comment now when I'm on my phone. Hooray!

Sorry about the colonoscopy. You are adorable. :-)

mom2two said...

Yeah Rochelle!
I know what you mean about the skirts & length. Don't they impose the finger length rule? They actually send the kids home from school here if it's not followed.
Congrats! Looking forward to reading more!

Rochelleht said...

Yes they do, but I think there is a LOT of fudging. I will say this, they all had sleeves. But I'd rather see a shoulder than a behind. Maybe that's just me...;)

Brooke said...

rochelle, i love how you keep it real. you are beautiful on the inside and the out and I LOVED your post on the "beauty" of mothering. xoxo

Lori said...

I get my first colonoscopy next month...go me! Glad to hear it wasn't the most horrible thing. Ever. But not looking forward to it either. Sounds like you are ready to jump into summer with both feet. Can't wait to hear all about it!!