Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here We Are Again - April 16, 2012

Grace celebrated her 9th birthday Saturday.  It is weird that I haven’t been pregnant in almost a decade.  Don’t think I miss it, or anything.  Just strange how fast time marches on, isn’t it?

We celebrated with a little trip to American Girl for lunch, where she spent her birthday gift card and Grandma money.  In the evening, we had her friends over for a birthday party, complete with a backyard movie.  Compared to Jane’s party last week, however, I was surprised to find that I prefer 12 year-olds to 9 year-olds any day.  Who knew?  Maybe it was just this group, but I found the lack of manners of about 3-4 girls to be appalling.  Greg and I both looked at each other at the end and couldn’t believe some of things we had seen and heard.  We were exhausted!

We had a nice, relaxing Sunday, with family games and a long, beautiful walk around the park.  The weather was perfection in the afternoon.  I finished reading Nie-Nie’s book.  I haven’t had much time to read this last week, because I was teaching, so it was nice to have a bit of a break and take a smidgeon of time for myself.

Alas, today’s reality has smacked me in the face.  The girls woke up so cranky this morning.  They hadn’t completely cleaned their rooms last night and were very much opposed to the idea of finishing this morning.  When they left, I felt all kinds of tired and cranky myself.  Then, I got the boys off to school, got working on my laundry, and soon received an unwelcome phone call.  Ethan had gone crazy on the bus.  He hit many, many people, including bus drivers, teachers, and students.  I rushed to the school to pull him out for the day.  He’s been sitting in his room all day.  And I’ve been a prisoner to my house all day.  Not the end of the world. I had to cancel a lunch date for my girlfriend’s birthday, but she was very gracious and we rescheduled.  Sometimes, life with Ethan is one day at a time.  Actually, all my children are like that. But, I’m channeling my inner Scarlett O’Hara and hoping that tomorrow is another day.  Or maybe Anne Shirley’s philosophy is better. Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it.

Somedays I wonder if this will ever end.  We have been dealing with this since kindergarten.  But I realize that it probably won’t. I just need to appreciate the good days more.  And maybe, I’ll eat one of those left-over Symphony bars from Grace’s party.  Please tell me chocolate really does make everything better!!  Either way, here’s hoping Ethan can keep his violence under control tomorrow!

Here’s what our girl has been up to the last couple of weeks:

She was Sacagawea for a school project, her dad took her to Mary Poppins and she entered the science fair with a project about left brain vs right brain including info about Ethan’s stroke. She also had dance pictures in anticipation of her recital coming up.


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