Friday, May 18, 2012

Four Parties and a Trackmeet April 19, 2012

What a busy week!

Wednesday, the boys had a Special Olympics Track Meet.  Ethan must have thought he was on the cat walk instead of the track and therefore took his own -bloody- sweet time.  The good thing about being Ethan is that the color of your ribbon doesn’t matter one bit.  He just loves to show them off.  Derick fared a bit better and came home with a blue and a white ribbon.  Really, the highlight for them both was Chick-Fil-A after.  Mine was discovering that they now have nuggets without breading! Oh yeah!

Thursday, was our big BRACES OFF DAY!!  Jane has been wearing those suckers for over a year and a half.  Now, I know that in the grand scheme of things, that is probably not super long, but as I never had them myself, it feels like an eternity.  Just the constant nagging about flossing and brushing is about to put me in a loony bin.  Plus, they originally told us they would come off Jan, 2012.  Yes, it is now April.  Anyway, we planned a BIG braces off party complete with muchas popcorn.  Wouldn’t you know it!!  Despite their assurances that she would absolutely get them off on April 4, they decided to leave them on another month. UGH!  Talk about disappointing.  We turned our party into a consolation party and bought braces-approved treats.  The girls had enormous fun jumping, eating, and watching  Jane’s favorite movie, “It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World”.

Friday, I prepared for the coming onslaught of the weekend.

Saturday afternoon, I hosted book club on my back patio.  It was a perfectly beautiful day and nine of us enjoyed wonderful food thanks to all the recipe inspiration via Pinterest.  I chose “The Blue Castle” by LM Montgomery.  It is such a delightful, lovely, sweet read and perfect for spring.  We all enjoyed it immensely.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

That evening, I hosted another party for my Seminary kids.  They did family history work for 100 days to celebrate 100 years of Seminary.  To celebrate, they requested 100 tacos and a birthday cake.  They had a great time chatting with each other and eating lots of food.  I sort of brought the fun to a halt when I showed some hilarious videos that I was sure would crack them all up.  Apparently, I showed my age (again!) because among other things, kids don’t appreciate parodies based on songs from the 80’s. WHA!?  Ah, teaching Seminary sure has a way of humbling you.  Big time. I mean, they did politely snicker here and there, but there was no laughing with tears streaming down their faces, like when I previewed them with my ‘old’ friends.  I have unrealistic expectations, apparently...  And I’m old.  In case you missed that.

Finally, Easter sprung up on us out of the blue!  We got to church early for 8:30 services and even had a chance before we left, to take the obligatory picture in our Easter duds.  Rushing home, we cleaned and cooked to prepare for Easter dinner.  We had our friend and neighbor, Todd, come over.  He spoils my kids like crazy.  It was a wonderful afternoon and I was seriously EXHAUSTED!  But, we really did have a great time, in spite of the schedule. 

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