Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day and Other Fun

For the first time in 5 years, we celebrated Father's Day with Greg!  He is normally in Texas while we are in Utah, but not this year!

It was a very low-key day.  He drove into town in the morning from driving through the night with Jane.  Jane had gone to Girl's Camp with our ward in Texas and they jumped in the car as soon as she got back and drove for 20 hours.  They are hard-core.

After church yesterday, we had a family dinner and I surprised Greg with his favorite pie, strawberry rhubarb (fresh-picked from the garden).  It was my first attempt, and it was a bit runny, but with the ice cream, it didn't matter. Plus, it was super delicious.  So, I keep telling my perfectionist self that it was ok...

As we were sitting at dinner, his old mission buddy and college room mate came striding across the lawn.  Greg hasn't seen Les in 15 years, so that was a fun surprise. I tried to take credit for that present, too. 

We are VERY blessed to have the best husband and father in the world.  Greg really is AMAZING!  It never phases him to do the hard things.  He works incredible hours and then does all the hard things that must be done at home. He never complains, he always plays with the kids and has a depth of character that is unmatched.  We LOVE him so much!!

In other fun...

As I mentioned, Jane went to her first Girl's Camp last week.  From all indications, it was a blast. She got to shoot guns and arrows and swim and in addition, had some spiritual moments as well as lots of pop tarts.  What 12 year-old wouldn't love that?

I took the remaining kids and Lora up to Idaho for the week.  We played with cousins:

 did the zoo  

 and the drive-in movie.

  The girls slept in Grandma and Grandpa's new RV and felt like royalty with their own suite.

Saturday, back in Utah, we enjoyed the annual Summer Fest Art Fair at the tabernacle. 

We are having a blast out here and enjoying the great weather.  Life is good when it's summer!

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Lori said...

I got to spend Father's Day with my Dad for the first time in 5 years!! YAY for Dad's and HOORAY!! for husbands!! We are 2 very blessed chicks!!