Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ah Blogging...

So not into it.  Pretty sure no one else is, either.  I mean, it's summer, for Pete's Sake!

But, I do always like having a record of our doings, especially out here in Utah, so I will persevere for my family record and all three of you still reading (just kidding, I heard from some of you, I think there are ten...). 

Before we got to sunny, cool, Logan, we spent a weekend in beautiful Capital Reef National Park, down in southern Utah.  I never blogged it, so to keep on top of our little narrative, I bring you all the red rock goodness:

On our way to Capital Reef, we stopped at Glen Canyon, which Grace thought was awesome, since her school is on Glen Canyon Dr.
After 15 hours in the car...

When we got to our motel, our family went to church, while we took big ol' naps.

Then, it was off to hike.

 And then Greg went on yet another hike with the kids (you may note that Derick is not much of a hiker...  We took turns staying back with him).

The next day, fully rested, we set off on a Tallmadge sized adventure.  We went four-wheeling and mountain-biking.

Then we stopped at a beautiful little meadow at the bottom of the red rock mountain for a picnic lunch beside the stream.

I was honestly totally freaked out before we did this.  Four-wheelers aren't my fave, but we actually had a BLAST!  It was so much fun.  The mountain-bikers had a much longer route back, but the rest of us took it easy and enjoyed the ride.  Pretty sure Jane was totally SICK of my oohing and aaahing over the smell of the sagebrush every 5 minutes.  Ok, I know she was, 'cause she told me.  It's just that it is one of my favorite smells and totally reminds me of my childhood growing up in the Idaho desert.

After our adventure, we capped off the fun with ice cream!

The next day, we visited the petroglyphs.  The kids and I had never seen them, so we thought it was SUPER cool!

A few years ago, I read a wonderful book about this darling valley and the tiny town of Fruita. So, I was thrilled to visit the old school house.

And finally, Greg and I wanted to visit the darling little homestead, but the girls whined and didn't want to get out of the car, so we left them with Derick.  We took Ethan in and bought ice cream and WONDERFUL home made pies.  Boysenberry for me and strawberry/rhubarb for Greg. 

We brought our delectable treats out to the car and ate them without sharing. Whereupon, Jane said, "I know what you are trying to do, and it isn't working."  And Gracie burst into tears.

Mission accomplished.

Until the next scintillating blog update, farewell, internet friends!


Lori said...

Sound like a lot of fun and the scenery was amazing!! I love the mental torture you use on your kids...well played. Something I totally recommend ;)

jessica said...

I know what fourteen hours in the car feels like! YUCK. But it looks like it was so worth it!

CasadeKitch said...

Awesome trip.....love reading what you guys are up to and I am crushed with how big Mr. Ethan is....where has time gone....he is as big as Greg.....I love that child!

Julianne said...

I love me some Southern Utah red rocks! ;) Can't wait to get out there in a few weeks. Looks like you've had a blast so far!