Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer is Just Zipping By!

It's already July!

Here are some of our latest fun activities:

For the first time in 4 years, we celebrated Greg's birthday WITH him. It was so fun to shower him with gifts and yummy food.  We grabbed take-out sushi and Chinese for the whole family and just enjoyed each other's company.

Can you believe how old he is?!

To celebrate his old age, we also took him down the new family zip line.  Our brother-in-law, Robert, the ultimate renaissance man, built an amazing zip line in their pasture, so we had to initiate Greg on his big day.
The rest of us had a little fun, too.

 The observation deck:
 Other fun this last week, includes a mommy/daughter date:

Dinner at our favorite crepe place:

Riding Bikes:
Catching butterflies:
Enjoying ice cream cones:

And of course, the ever-popular Farmer's Market fun:
Hold onto your hats! Much more fun to come in further installments.

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Lori said...

Summer time perfection!!