Monday, July 9, 2012

Idaho and the Fourth of July

Greg went home this year for the 4th, and that made us sad, 'cause we always spend it together, but you can't have it all!

We headed up to Idaho for the week, and Monday, we had our annual "Grandma's Day".  Every other year, we have had it at a small amusement park in Idaho Falls.  We just knew that the older kids had out-grown it.  Last year, Ethan only fit on a couple of rides he liked, and that was hard.  So, we changed venue this year to The Riot Zone in Rigby, by my mom's house.

We had SO much fun!  The kids stayed for over 7 hours!!  7 hours in the heat, and we still had to drag them off the rides.  It was a serious blast.

 Grandma Harris and her grandkids (-2)!

During our week in the cool of Idaho, the kids had a great time with their cousins and with Grandpa.

For the Fourth, we enjoyed the parade in Idaho Falls.

 Note: A party isn't a party for Derick without a shoe in his hand!

That afternoon, we enjoyed dinner and our annual volleyball game.

That night, was all about the fireworks.  Idaho Falls does it right!  We had a blast.

During the fireworks, I asked Grace if she knew why we did this. She answered in the negative. I said, "We celebrate the freedoms we have because of the soldiers who fought in the revolution. Before that, no one in the world had freedom or the things we are able to have."

Grace- "like toaster ovens?"

Yes, the beauty that is the toaster oven gets it's own holiday.  And it was a grand one.  Thanks for that, soldiers.


Chanda said...

What's with the random Predator monster in the parade?! Nothing says patriotism like a flesh-eating alien.

Rochelleht said...

That was Derick's favorite float! A party isn't a party for Derick without a shoe and some skeletons.

Lori said...

I LOVE the scenes from home!! I can't wait to get there in August!! Looks like you are enjoying every minute. Well played!!

jessica said...

Do you really dress that cute always??? I'm so impressed with your casual wear...Our 4th was so lame on so many levels that it was fun to relive yours with you:)