Thursday, August 30, 2012

The First Day

Of the rest of my life...

Some days, that seems REAAALLY long. Tee hee!

So, we're back in the swing of things.  It is always hard to re-enter real life.  Summer is kind of fantasy land, so reality is never very palatable.  But, it only takes a day or two and things are back to normal and the gloomy clouds have lifted.

On our way home from Logan, we did stop for the first day of the Brigham City Temple Open House.  It was so beautiful and fun to take our darling children through a temple before it was dedicated. 

Our darling children, including Derick, who screamed the WHOLE time.  One of the apostles of our church, Elder Christofferson, was there.  We saw him and then Derick yelled, so he looked over and couldn't miss us!  Awesome. I just waved.

Derick was ticked that the food came after the tour.  He made sure we knew every 60-90 seconds how he felt about that.

See that crew up there?  That's us right before attempting 21 hours in the car.

The drive was good.  I gave up soda of all kinds 6 months ago, so I was no help to my sweet Greg.  He downed the Diet Mt. Dew and I slept.  I read my book club book, and was basically the most boring road-trip companion ever.  Greg is awesome.

Happy news about Texas: It hasn't been that hot this year.  YEAH!  Much easier to come home when it isn't triple digit heat.

Can I just tell you how great it is to have a girl who can babysit?  I spent so many days that first week shopping and getting organized for seminary, that Jane was watching the kids all the time.  It was fabulous.  Now, with two teenage brothers who need toileting assistance, there are no mysteries in Jane's life, but that is ok.  She takes it all in stride and it doesn't phase her.  She really is the BEST babysitter.

Our first week was crazy, because I had all the above, plus Greg was in charge of a huge stake activity for the church on Saturday night.

Here is our Back to School Feast that we held Sunday Afternoon.

Greg had the awesome idea to do an Olympic themed dinner this year, so we made flags for each of their countries:

 The Republic of Ethan

They each got their 'first day of school' gifts, which included a phone for Jane.  She is going to be riding her bike alone to 7th grade this year, so it made me feel more comfortable.  Also, she will have to pay the monthly payments, which also makes me feel more comfortable.

She was pretty thrilled with the whole arrangement.

That night, I had seminary kick-off at the church.  See, busy week.

Welcome to our first day of school:

They are SO big!  It is kind of trippy.

 4th grade.  Rules the School
Grace and her friend Amy on the way to school!

Hot Shot 7th Grader.  UGH!  So crazy.  She is at the same school as the boys now.  First week seems to be good so far.

My darling boys.  So cute and they have done SO well this week.  YEAH!!

In addition, the first day of seminary was yesterday.  This year, we are studying New Testament.  My side-kick, Grace, has been joining me each morning.  I have a big class this year, but they are all awesome!  I thought 5 am would feel horrid after sleeping in ALL summer, but it hasn't been bad at all. I haven't even needed a nap! At least the first two days.  Ask me in Feb.  It won't be so pretty.


Lori said...

Yay for new beginnings!! I love the first day of school. Your kids look so excited! I hope they continue to do well. I will pray for your 5 a.m. alertness...glad it's not me :)

jessica said...

Your smooth transition into school gives me hope. I decided to start the girls here in Boston. I was so nervous about it but feel good now. They start on Wed. Eden's school starts at 7:40am!!! I am most scared about that early wake up that will be for all of us. Maya starting 7th grade here is still making my guts hurt because I know I'm going to have to start her in a new place in a matter of weeks (4-8) but in the end I felt it was the right thing to do...we shall see :)

jessica said...

WHOO HOO!!! I am so stinking ecstatic that you are coming this way!!! Email me...I have a new email j-albrecht at live dot com. We need to work out the details...YAY! I can't wait! DYING!!!!

Maria Babin said...

I LOVE your back to school meal! I might have to steal that idea for next year! xoox