Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm Back!

Oh, I am a bad blogger.  I just have NOT felt it.  But here I am with some updates on our exciting life.

I will just give it to you (mostly) in Instagram photos, 'cause that pretty much keeps up with all things Tallmadge

In September, Ethan turned 15!  Gracie left him this sweet little breakfast surprise.

We went to his favorite park and had his favorite food and he got his favorite present (another new watch).  The boy is nothing, if not consistent.

 In October, we enjoyed watching General Conference for two days and ate WAY too much food.

That weekend, we also had family pictures taken.  As you can see, it wasn't all serious.  Grace had fun clowning around when we weren't saying "CHEESE!!" Christmas cards are forthcoming...

We had a little visitor for several days in our backyard.  Our dog, Maggie, has barked her head off nonstop for weeks.  It's a regular animal menagerie at our house.

Derick turned 15 at the end of October.  We celebrated at a yummy burger joint with authentic Idaho fries!

And even after 15 years, Derick isn't quite sure how to blow out the candles, but he sure did know how to dive into the German chocolate cake.

We celebrated Halloween.  Grace and her friend, Amy, successfully bobbed for apples.

Derick did too, with a little help.

Greg and I were Facebook and Instagram for Halloween.

The kids were a conglomeration of stuff.  I am pretty sure that this year was the least effort I've ever made.  Grace and her dad covered her wagon, to accessorize her pioneer costume, and that was the extent of it.

My friend, Lindsay, invited me to play golf for the first time.  Her husband is the golf pro at a resort and I have to say, I had a blast.  I could get into that.  If it were always free.

Election Day was met with much anxiety and anticipation.

It is such an honor and privilege to vote.

Sadly, things did not go according to plan.  I am still stunned.

Gracie had her big 4th grade program at school.  It was darling.  Especially when they sang a tribute to all of their former teachers with "All My Exes Live in Texas".  I almost missed it, though.  I was on my way out the door to a dinner party, when I checked my email and saw a last minute reminder saying the kids needed to be at the school in 10 minutes. I asked Grace about it and she gasped in recollection! As we ran around, collecting a 'cowboy' costume, I texted my friend and asked how I had never heard of this program.  She said it was announced in an email about the PTA meeting (the program was piggy-backed on).  Well, I never read past "PTA Meeting", and totally dismissed it.  HA!  It was even funnier to me when I sat down and saw that all the decorations had been made by yours truly.  When I volunteer, I do all the work and don't ask questions.  Chalk this one up to another of my mother of the year moments.

And while we're on the subject of stellar mothering, I present to you: my mother.  The stand-in, when I am failing to be mother of the year.  My parents are here for the winter.  They pulled their RV down here a couple of weeks ago, and we are loving it.  Especially when I realized that the night of "Young Women in Excellence" at church was also the same night as my Volunteer Advisory Board meeting at Cook Children's Hospital.  Our meetings are only quarterly, so when we have one, I have to be there.  Greg was out of town.  It was a recipe for disaster, but fortunately, my parents are here and stepped in.  HURRAY!  And let's face it, Jane would rather be hanging with Grandma, anyway.

Thanksgiving was a blast.  We had my parents and the sister missionaries over and our neighbor, Todd.  Later, Katri and her family came as well as her dad and the elders for dessert.  It was a beautiful day and lots of fun. But, MAN!  I ate too much.

Thanksgiving was also Jane's 13th birthday!  Yep, I now have three teenagers.  Super crazy town.

This weekend, Greg, Jane and my mom are in New York, helping clean up after Hurricane Sandy.  I saw this video, and just knew my girl had to go.  After finding super cheap airfare and using hotel points, it was on!  They have been working hard and making wonderful memories.

And that is us for now.  I decorated for Christmas all weekend and enjoyed just chilling out.  Bring on Christmas!


Lori said...

Glad you're back ;) I missed your family!!

jessica said...

I have been AWOL too...not that I haven't been feeling it I just haven't had a minute to sit and do ANYTHING! Moving across the country will do that I suppose. Today marks 2 weeks in Utah...Layton to be exact. Now I get to see you this summer!!!!! WHOO HOO! I am dying to get our girls together! Text me your address so that I can send you a card my sweet friend :)